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Naturally Yours / The Ink Spot Services
We hand pick our Artists from a variety of applicants. We take pride in our well rounded in house artists. We also have specialty artists, so, if you are looking for a special tattoo or a simple one,we can help you by introducing you to the artist that knows what you want. Not sure if a tattoo is for you, let us provide you with a henna tattoo so you can decide if a permanent tattoo is for you. 
We continually reinvent ourselves and bring in new artist as needed to fulfill all your needs. For pricing and to meet the artists,  CLICK HERE 
At Naturally Yours / The Ink Spot, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available for Appointments or just walk in.
We provide a variety of services including:
Body Piercing is one of the oldest forms of adorning the body with jewels. Whether it be the ears or another body part, we can provide you with all you need. Our piercing Techs are OSHA Certified and have been providing piercing services for many years. We make sure all our our piercers provide you with an experience that is not only sterile but as painless as possible. For pricing and to meet our piercing Techs, CLICK HERE
Full Service Hair Salon
Do you need a new look? Are you getting ready for a special occasion? Come in and see what we have to offer. Our Full Service Salon at the 3801 E. Washington Location has professional Cosmetologists to give you that fresh new look. We offer; Hair Cuts, Styles, Perms, Color and treatments to fit everyones needs. 
Refresh with some Permanent Makeup. By allowing us to enhance your features, you will wake up everyday with a fresh look. Look as if you took all day to look this great!
Finish your new look off with Eyelash Extensions. Wink and blink with style!
Both men and woman can benefit from this service. Sometimes we get those unruly eyebrows that seem to have a mind of their own. Let us shape and trim those little buggers and clean them up a bit.
We are always looking to add new services to make your experience as complete as possible. If you would like to see us offer any other service, please gofill out the form above and we will be happy to look into adding a new service.
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