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Most websites make you jump through hoops just to get what you want. They want you to be redirected to other areas of their site to show you more products and/ or services. 

We here at Naturally Yours / The Ink Spot just want to fill your order and get you the products you need to make your life and business easier. 

So, with that in mind all you need to do is fill out the order form. When the form is complete, just click on submit. Or, you can call and request an order form under an excel file and fax / E-mail, or bring in your form and we do the rest. 

You can even pay for your products here on our site by using the PayPal link and entering the amount of the purchase. 

Once we receive the form with the products you want, we will call you to confirm the order and give you a time for pick-up or a delivery time and shipping costs. It's that simple. 
Please enter name address and phone number here
Please enter name address and phone number here
If you choose to use this order form please fill out the Sold to and the ship to if different. Remember we need your name /Address / Phone number in these boxes. 

Also enter the item description and quantity as well as unit price and we will do the rest. 

You may enter a total at the bottom, but we may have to change it accordingly if something is different or changes. 

You may choose to e-mail or call for an Excel file which can be used for all current and future purchases. 

If you have a po # we will place it on the order form at our office so it will be on all forms when delivered or picked up. For hand delivery packages, there will be a min $10.00 delivery charge to cover gas and driver expenses. We can ship anywhere in the us and will ship outside the us depending on the order and where it is to be shipped. There is no extra charge for pick-up orders. 

We are working on a more advanced Cart, until then, to keep prices low we will be using this cart.
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Taxes will be added per order and location of delivery or shipment. 

Any back orders or out of stock will be adjusted per order and may require a deposit or pre- payment depending on the order. 

For returns, a restocking fee may apply.

We decided to do it this way because we want to make every order a personal one and make sure nothing is missing or missed on the order.

 Also we love to know how we are doing so, if you like us and our customer service please let us know. 

Thank you in advance for your order and we look forward to doing business with you now and in the future.